I would often spend hours going through albums and boxes of photos that my mom stored around the house. It felt sentimental and I loved getting to relive those moments in the photos over and over again. I feel as though I learned the value of photos and truly fell in love with photography at that young age.

I fell in love with photos when I was just a child.

At my core, I am an Enneagram 7. I value fun and special moments. I love exploring new places, being around people, and never missing out on anything. And I especially love being my own boss. As a dreamer and a creative at heart, starting my photography business, and owning my own time and schedule, just seemed very natural for me.

To me, photography is all about capturing those fun and special moments that involve new places, people, and memories to be remembered forever. I am so honored and feel so much joy that I am able to document these moments for people. To me... all moments, big or small, are extremely special. 

As an adult my passion really took off in 2019 when I started my business here at Stephanie Wilson Creative photographing weddings & families. Before that, I worked in property management and nutritional coaching. After years behind a desk, I realized this was not how I wanted to live my life, trapped behind a desk in an office building I didn't particularly love.  

Get to know how I began Stephanie Wilson Creative

Your New Best Friend

I do not take my job lightly. I know this is the most important day of your lives. You've planned and planned for so long to make sure everything is perfect. And it is my job to make sure that every little detail is preserved in a photograph to last for years and years to come.

It's an honor to capture & preserve your wedding.

I will cherish your day.

Karlee & Keith

She was so clear and concise which made the whole process 10x easier. She made us feel extremely comfortable and gave us so many options when taking photos. Anytime someone sees our photos, they are extremely impressed and talk about how beautiful they came out. Would recommend a million percent!!

Stephanie shot our wedding and from the very first conversation I knew that her vibe was great.

Everyone needs a why behind their passions. The reason they do what they do. Mine is to not only create personal freedom for myself and my family, but to share my passion for people and creativity with others in a form of art.

My Why. 

my family


things i


I live in the woods of South Knoxville with my husband (Will), our 12 year old daughter (Ava), & our pup (Charlie). If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am a little obsessed with my dog...sorry, not sorry. Haha!  On any given day you may find me at home editing photos, baking pumpkin bread, playing old hymns on the piano, or blasting Taylor Swift records. 

I am down for a good time---all the time. I am always planning my next trip or girls' night out.  I thrive off of high energy, good vibes & love meeting new people. 

I am obsessed with The Bachelor (yes, still....), Big Brother, & Survivor. I love podcasts, especially ones recapping all of the crazy reality TV that I watch. I have a love/hate relationship with Les Mills workouts...body pump & body combat are my go-tos. But I also enjoy a neighborhood stroll or a good hiking spot.  Cooking & shopping are two of my favorite pasttimes.

I can't wait to hear from you!
If you are inquiring about anything other than a wedding, just drop the info about your session needs in the additional info spot at the bottom, including the approximate date you are looking to book! 


I will be in touch with you within the next 48 hours.

Thank you!